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Sheikh Kamal Stadium, Gopalganj In Gopalganj district sports freedom played a significant role in the North. Eminent footballers Sattar Sahib, Hemayet Uddin Ahmed, Samad Khan, Sattar Molla, Panna Mia, Khasru Mia, Montu Mia, Badal, Shawkat Hossain, Ilias, Shiv Shankar Adhikari, etc. have earned fame in national level. District Sports Organization has special success in athletics at national level. Gopalganj won the title of Badminton at the national level. Presently, the newly constructed Gopalganj Sheikh Kamal Stadium is preparing to make the games fit. Besides, there are ongoing activities for women sports complexes, gymnasiums, swimming pools. At present, Gopalganj District Sports Association organizes the 1st and 2nd Division and the Kishore Football League, 1st and 2nd Division Cricket League, Badminton